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Keyed Spell Items and UMD  (topic)
With a successful DC 20 Use Magic Device skill check could a caster emulate another class' spell list so as to be able to use a Keyed Spell Item (from the Book of Hallowed Might II) to cast its spell with his own class' spell slot? I...
The Books of Might


06/24/11 15:48:05
BOXM in Actual Play  (topic)
Howdy, again. Just wanted to say that we used breathers (and an homebrewed variation of health and grace) in the game, this weekend. It worked beautifully! For what seems like the first time, the party (6 characters, average 5th...
The Books of Might

Hrothgar Rannulfr

03/24/08 02:18:44
BOXM: Taking a Breather  (topic)
Howdy! A question regarding the concept of Breathers pressented in the Monte Cook's Book of Experimental Might. I was wondering if it would hurt to allow characters to take breathers more often than once per encounter? I...
The Books of Might

Hrothgar Rannulfr

03/19/08 21:25:59