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Rave: Skyrim  (topic)
Wow, really in love with this game.  Coming up on 300 hours divided between two characters.  I probably have more issues with the game than most of my (video) gamer work friends, but nearly all of that stems from the game being...
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12/28/11 05:46:42
Rant/Rave "Macho Women With Guns"  (topic)
So first the rave: the original edition is a great beer-and-pretzels game. The rules system was almost a GURPS-lite, simple, easy, and fun. I played one of the adventures in "Excuses to Kill Things" and had a fun night. It's nice to take...
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10/26/11 16:25:01
Rave: I'm almost done with F.A.T.A.L.  (topic)
So as some of you know, I've been doing a multi-part deconstruction of the most infamous of bad RPGs. Some weeks I get through an entire chapter, other times I'm lucky to clear a half-dozen pages, and on a few occasions, I've spent an...
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08/26/11 22:10:02
Hello  (topic)
Hello, just passing through from my Star Wars Role Playing Community, The Gungan Council. Thought I'd say hi.
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General Ceel

08/23/11 21:48:52
Rant: Poor Writing or Printing?  (topic)
I heard about the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG on Free RPG Day (and no, the poor writing is not the DCC RPG).  Having delved into the beta rules and read about the Appendix N influence, I decided to read up on some Appendix N...
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Eldric IV

07/20/11 00:23:09
Rave: The Dungeon Bastard  (topic)
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07/19/11 14:14:11
Rave: Google+  (topic)
So far, I like it...I like the fact that I can send something to the OYT crew that is there and send something seperate to the Xanodria LARP crew and not have the people at Wawa get confused and think I quit the company because I tend to...
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07/15/11 17:04:21
Game of Thrones on HBO - rants or raves?  (topic)
Does anyone have any thoughts on the premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO?  I thought it was well done - a touch slow, but realizing that they were trying to introduce so much of the very expansive cast (Good lord, with so much more...
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04/19/11 21:28:48
Rant: "Detect Secret Doors"  (topic)
First level spell, on a wand costs like 750 GP. Running the Banewarrens, it doesn't matter how cleverly designed, well hidden, etc,the secret doors are, it's a casting away from detection. It's just too ... easy. It's as bad as the...
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Eric of Ptolus

03/20/11 00:11:18
Rant: Elijah Wood in the Hobbit as Frodo?  (topic)
I understand getting Ian McKellan to play Gandalf (yea!!), but how can Frodo possibly be in this movie?  Bilbo's adventure was while he was 49-50 years old. Frodo wasn't born until Bilbo was 78.  Please let it not be a morphing...
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01/20/11 22:47:49
Canadian Finance Minister Caught Taking Illegal Bribe Kickbacks!  (topic)
... this is no hoax. this is real and it doesn't get any better than this. the evidence is attached to this post ...... the corrupt british columbia, canada government is a fascist regime infested with crooks top to bottom. i have...
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johnny saigon

12/03/10 23:02:17
New Addition  (topic)
Congratulations to Valmiras and Dr Mrs Miras on the birth of their son!
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Invisible Hoser

12/03/10 21:18:37
Rant: Incorporeal Creatures  (topic)
just because
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11/17/10 16:25:53
Rave:  (topic)
Purely for today's featured article:
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07/06/10 00:55:12
Okay... that's weird  (topic)
I just saw a rant on here that I was going to comment on.  And by just saw I mean just saw.  Now it's gone and the author isn't even being listed as having been on in the last fifteen minutes.  Weird.  Help  I'm...
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06/28/10 21:03:35
Rant: People Offering Unhelpful Advice  (topic)
Twice in the last week, I have been offered advice that borders on idiotic, or at least, extremely thoughtless.I was grousing about the condition of my iPhone 3G after upgrade to the new iOS4. Basically, it messed up my phone something...
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06/28/10 19:12:58
Opportunity to rant or rave. . . Board traffic  (topic)
So I'm back. . . I'm sure nobody probably noticed my absence. . . but I was gone probably more than a year having gradually tapered off in visiting shortly after the release of 4th edition.  4th edition was the only hope for me...
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06/25/10 00:11:50
Rave: Critical Hit Podcast  (topic)
I've been listening to and loving the Critical Hit Podcast, which is a game that the guys from the Major Spoilers comic book review site podcast are playing. Their site is confusing to me, but I was able to get a link to Episode #8:...
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06/15/10 21:17:57
Rant: Player Solidarity  (topic)
One of the things that I love about D&D is how it encourages teamwork between the players. I remember all throughout college, professors were always pushing to get us students to interact with each other, and sometimes it was really...
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06/15/10 08:42:35
Rave: Adventure Time  (topic)
It's a fantasy based cartoon, and it's hilarious!  I'd watch it even without my niece and nephew to watch it with."I'm not righteous, I'm wronteous."
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06/10/10 13:12:10