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Re: Legions of Undead: Necromancer Questions  (reply)
First, Leadership and Undead Leadership. Is it balanced to let these two feats function seperately? Then the necromancer in question would not only have his own personal undead army but potentially a horde of clerics and wizards to...
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Zomg Zombies

09/10/13 06:24:29
Arcane Trickster build help  (topic)
Hey all:We're starting a new campaign and are using only the core 3.5 rulebooks.  My goal is to end up as an arcane trickster and am looking for any glaring mistakesMy rolls got me this array:16, 14, 14, 14, 12, 11I arranged them...
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The Gnome

12/13/11 20:53:40
A character in a game I"m about to DM  (topic)
Can anyone see any problems with this character build that I should be wary of as a DM? D&D 3.5e, set on Greyhawk. XP: min for L10 (she's L9 due to making a few MI) and 49,000 gp for magic items and gear. Thank you for your...
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09/14/11 03:17:33
Should Sibling Heroes have similar ability scores?  (topic)
I'm curious about how other gamers approach creating characters with siblings. I have heard stories about players who create an identical character when the first one dies. There are of course, no rules about siblings sharing...
D&D Characters


08/26/11 09:10:51
Need help with making a good lvl 6 druid  (topic)
stats are 13 6 17 15 11 8idk a druid so needing alot of help here please, Im looking for a magic damaging druid
D&D Characters


08/17/11 04:07:22
A noob looking for suitable feats...  (topic)
I'm trying to cram as much learning in as I can. The group I'm with uses 3.5... So far, I figure that making character upon character is as good a way to learn as any.Really, only one of the guys there is taking any time to teach me how...
D&D Characters


05/30/11 23:16:34
illiterate paladin?  (topic)
im thinking of making a Ogrillon Paladin that has the Wild Born Trait, and Gullible and Extreme Loyalty flaws, and i know he wont have any bonuses for most of its abilities, but he seems like fun. i want to know...
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05/27/11 00:32:03
Armor for a Ranger Druid multiclass?  (topic)
I'm making a Ranger 2/Druid 3 for a friend's one shot, but the limited armor selection is giving me pause.  It has to be non-metal for the druid, and it needs to be light for the ranger and that just leaves me with Leather which...
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04/29/11 21:17:21
This will be fun for everyone  (topic)
OK,I am attending my FIRST D&D night.... yes I'm a NOOB/VIRGIN/ROOKIE <- insert word here. Anyways we are have a fun night and we are to create a Level 20 character just for fun.  I drew from a hat a "Tank" or warrior,...
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01/12/11 12:38:13
Characters, technically Non-Player, Seriously Old School  (topic)
For my upcoming game, I'm converting the classic module, The Quest for the Heartstone.  The NPCs are the pregens provided in the module, which were the LJN Toyline from the 80's.  So yes, through a convoluted series of events...
D&D Characters


01/05/11 09:12:20
Sorcerer spell selections  (topic)
Hi all, I'm working on spells for a 3rd level Pathfinder half-orc sorc. For 1st level spells so far I have:color spraygreaseshocking grasp (works with his aberrant bloodline increased touch spell reach)enlarge person (bloodline bonus...
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10/08/10 20:16:21
Core rules Character  (topic)
Help me.So I have a possible campaign I may be able to get involved in coming up.  It will be a 3.5 conversion of Labyrinth of Madness... which is pretty cool given that LoM was written by Monte and I've never played LoM.Anyway......
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10/07/10 04:21:53
Overpowered Tiger  (topic)
We've played two campaigns with druids. In both campaigns, we've found a tiger to be way overpowering - once as a comanion and onceas a BoXM animal companion. The tiger is doing way more damage than the fighters and the grapple really...
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09/27/10 14:31:24
No Humans Allowed  (topic)
I thought it was funny that the "best" race (with no LA) in 3e was the Human, but in 4e it's far from best.  Now I'll admit this is totally my opinion but... with only one +2 to a stat, and no racial power... it's never in the top 3...
D&D Characters


08/08/10 07:59:33
Playing as a wolf, how to get stronger?  (topic)
Okay, so I'm playing a 3.5 campaign as a druid that, in his past attempted to wild shape early and messed up, so for role play reasons, he's stuck as a wolf. It's interesting, and cool at level 1, but I keep thinking... When I get higher...
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07/11/10 19:50:50
Intelligent Animal Companion?  (topic)
Alright, so my friends and I started a D&D 3.5 campaign, I made a druid, and chose a wolf as my familiar. I'm fairly unsatisfied the wolf is so... boring. I looked everywhere for feats or things to get it more intelligence so it...
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07/11/10 00:44:57
Sorcerer: Is Summon Monster I-III too weak?  (topic)
Hello everyone,I am currently working on creating a Level 7 sorcerer. I don't really know too much about how balanced summons are, but since I have a personal liking to summoning allies, I chose for him the spells Summon Monster I, II...
D&D Characters


06/17/10 20:48:42
Help me make a character plz  (topic)
I've been trying to make a character. I'm going to make a ninja but I want him more optimized than what the standard class has to offer. My DM is allowing pathfinder, 3.5 & 3.0 and any mix in between. I want to start with a human...
D&D Characters


06/07/10 00:35:04
How to make a T-Rex playable  (topic)
Okay, sure, call me stupid, or childish, or whatever, but I really want to play as a tyrannosaurus. I've read over most of the savage species, but can't figure it out. The HD (of 18) alone would make you start off as an 18th lvl...
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04/20/10 19:07:46
Just for fun: getting to make a character for someone else to play  (topic)
So I'm finally stepping down as DM and getting to play. The group is mostly novice and intermediate skill players, and the DM wants to try a very low-magic, gritty, tough game. I offered to make a character for one of the novices,...
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03/09/10 17:39:09